Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vet Review - Light of Life Vet

This was a very tedious search for us, finding a good vet for Amber. I researched online for many weeks before coming to a conclusion. I called most of the "recommended vets" and asked questions regarding consultation, spay and deworming. I also wanted to see whether the staffs knew what i inquired about. I would ask them stuffs like what does the spay consist, when can i take Amber home, how old should Amber be spayed and why. Some of the staffs do not understand what i was talking about and told me to book an appointment to ask the vet what i needed to ask, so i blacklisted those vets. I also cancelled out vets that are overly expensive and too far for transport, i do not want to make the trip back after surgery hard for Amber. Although i usually trust the internet for reviews of good vets in Singapore, i do see some ridiculous recommendations on vets based on things like "good to chat", "funny" and i even saw a thread to recommend the vet because "he is handsome"? You are bringing your precious dog to the vet because your dog needs medical attention, not because he is funny and talkative. Most probably the owners are "tai tais"(rich housewives) and are currently in heat.

Well back to the review, I just happened to find Light of Life Vet when I was on the way for Amber's first grooming, it is located at bedok reservoir, quite near MasMas Groomers. Since nobody recommended them so i decided to do a research on this vet first, through what i see they looked like a small vet that is operated by 2 female ladies. They have a website which is also their blog, and also a facebook page. They always seemed to be helping abandoned animals and strays, helping them with healing process and then put them up for adoption. The thing is that they are not like most vets who are professional speaking, they always speak up their mind in however ways they like without caring what other people think. This is actually a good thing for us, we do not like those who try to hide things from us and since they were helping needy animals we thought why not? We should gave them a try! Because it was located next to MasMas Groomers we decided to bring Amber there for grooming and then to Light of Life Vet for Amber's third deworming and spaying (2 months later). Their prices are also pretty reasonable, $25 for consultation, $25 for vaccination and $245 for female spay non heat(inclusive of consultation, anesthetic, spay, medicine and e-collar). This was the rate we get when we visited the vet, we will not be liable if the rate changes in future.

Frankly, we didn't really feel anything good on the first visit, which was to bring Amber for her third jab. There was nothing special, the vets were quite friendly but they didn't inform me that they had to charge for consultation even if i bring Amber just for the third jab, they weighed Amber but it was a mess because Amber was not calm and the weighing machine was really slippery with the weighing scale made of metal base, they could have place a weightless "anti-slip" mat or something there, the vet also checked her health condition without telling us if it was needed for checking Amber, whether she was ready for the third jab or anything like that. But because they were entertaining all of my questions without getting frustrated like most people, we decided to go there for spaying too.

Beforehand i had called Light of Life Vet to ask about spaying, when should i spay Amber, why and what does the $245 include, the person picking up the call was knowledgeable unlike a lot of other vets where they just hired a receptionist and answered the calls, only know the rates based on a sheet of paper and wouldn't know anything else.

On the second trip to the vet, everything was perfect, the timing was right, we reached 10 minutes prior to the appointment timing and waited for awhile before going in. The vet gave us explanation on the procedures of spaying and also check whether Amber was ready to be spayed, the questions we asked is HERE. We had to come back in a few hours at night for Amber's anesthetic to wear off, we also asked some other questions like Amber's slightly dry flaky skin, the vet told us that is is normal as Amber is growing and it should be better when she gets older. She also recommended us to get fish oil for Amber, to buy human fish oil instead of fish oils made for dogs, it is because that human supplements are much more strict in quality checking and we should feed Amber those kind to make her skin and coat beautiful. We also asked about her daily meals, that she is not eating much of her kibbles and the vet replied that it is because Amber is at the stage of being choosy about food (Puberty), and wanting to eat only nice ones, we don't know if this is true but we will monitor further.  The vet was very happy to answer all our questions, this made us felt safe to put Amber with them.

Amber at the vet

After we came back to collect Amber, she was already wide awoke and very active! The vet taught us how to handle Amber and also what to take note. She showed us the cut that was done during the spaying operation, i was quite surprised that the cut was really small, about 4cm? We were told to bring her back the following week for follow-up appointment, we were also told by her staff outside that we had to pay for the consultation the next week, the $245 was not included for the next consultation.

Wound healing process

We came back 1 week later and the vet said Amber was healing really well! She then sent us off and told us that we don't need to pay for the consultation, we were really happy about that, i mean which Singaporean wouldn't want something free?

We recommend everyone especially those living in the east to give Light of Life Vet a try, although do mind that they are very straightforward people and would not hesitate to speak their minds, though for us this is a PLUS.


Overall: 9.5/10

Cons - first appointment was confusing
         - weighing Amber was messy

Address: Blk 740 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-3165 (470740)


  1. Good that you'll found a good vet for Amber, maybe I'll try that place soon...

  2. Pet owners like you are the ones vets hate seeing. Most if not all vet clinics have weighing scales that are metal based, without ant-slip mats. How can you even complain about that when you should be able able to control your dog and make her sit still on the weighing scale?
    Receptionists are not vets and won't be able to answer every single irritating questions from 'kiasu and kancheong' pet owners like you.

    1. Thank you Anonymous for the comment, this is just a blog based on my personal review and experience. It is also for readers who loves to read our blog, not for some stranger to come in and put sarcasm in their comments.

      It is good to learn that there are many kinds of people on the web but you have been one of a kind, you are in somewhere that seems to be hating this post for no good reason since you are not the vet from Light of Life i can see, and you are also not getting the fact that this blog is not for complains, but for me to voice out my own opinion.

      Even so, i love this vet and i do not believe i caused any troubles for them, i even thanked them for their work. I would really hope to see some kind of video from you that shows you controlling a 3 months old puppy so well that even if it is their first time they will stay put without being scared when placed on a cold metal base. My idea of a anti-slip mat is just an opinion to make things smoother, it is not a demand.

      And to make things clear, if you have read my post, Light of Life vet answered all my questions needed. I was also not 'kiasu and kancheong' during the visit :)

      We hope this answers all the above questions, do feel free to visit this blog whenever you please, we will try to answer your questions balancing the weight of your aggression of course.

      ps: my questions were not irritating because it was not meant for you, but professional veterinarians.

  3. Glad you had a good experience with Light of Life Vet. But not me, when I was there with my dog few months back, it was bad. The vet whom is a female (no ideal what's her name)was making faces and displaying attitude problem. I don't know what I have done or said anything wrong. In fact I was quiet and polite throughout. My friend went there and was charged $80 for a tiny bottle of colourless liquid. Another of my groomer told me they once brought a dog suspecting of some worm disease. She didn't even touch the dog! Prescribed some expensive medication and off the doggy go. Next couple of days the doggy died...

    1. Hi Anonymous, do you mind sharing what was the problem with your dog when you brought him/her to the vet? Did the vet say anything after checking your dog? From what i know, there is only 1 vet that is attending patients, the rest are more towards receptionist and assistant.

      I've seen her making faces to another lady, but that lady was rude, as in she barged into the vet's room while she was attending other people, and complaining why her dog is ugly where else other people's look nice.

      After your groomer's dog died did he/she approach the vet and ask for an answer?

      we will take note on you and your friends feedback and observe more on the vet next time! Thanks for the input!

  4. The dog that died isn't mine, it belong to one of my groomer's customer I believe. My dog just when to check her micro chip no. as I rescued her few week ago. Overall pretty bad impression of there...

  5. I had a similar bad experience at Light of Life. The vet there (lady) does not seem to know her stuff and has a big attitude problem. When I brought my dog there, it seemed like she was more interested in scolding/blaming me for my dog's itchy skin rather than solving the problem. In the end she could not solve the problem and told me to go to another doctor!? And she charged me for "consultation" without even ever touching my dog. I have never seen such an uncaring attitude from a vet before. Don't they have pity for the dogs who are unable to say how or what they feel? Not going back.

  6. I had a similar bad experience at Light of Life. The vet there (lady) does not seem to know her stuff and has a big attitude problem. When I brought my dog there, it seemed like she was more interested in scolding/blaming me for my dog's itchy skin rather than solving the problem. In the end she could not solve the problem and told me to go to another doctor!? And she charged me for "consultation" without even ever touching my dog. I have never seen such an uncaring attitude from a vet before. Don't they have pity for the dogs who are unable to say how or what they feel? Not going back.

  7. Hi there,

    I had actually visited Light of Life because I read your review. I agree with the comments that the vet doesn't seem like she is genuinely interested in the welfare of your pet. While I overlooked that because the medication was pretty effective, my second visit convinced me not to return. The vet was sarcastic when she brought up the topic of neutering my dog. There was also another lady in scrubs who irritatedly told me that I ought to [neuter my dog].

    I know I may be condemned by other readers for not neutering my dog, but I refuse to visit a clinic which would judge me based on this choice. I do not feel my dog's more pressing health issues would be adequately addressed as long as he is not neutered - which was exactly how I felt at my previous visit (the issues for which I brought my dog to see the vet were not amply explained or resolved).

    The location of this clinic is convenient for me, but unfortunately I will continue to search for another vet.

    1. Hi,

      Its been a year since we visited this veterinary clinic, things might have changed and we did not know. The vet though seemed sarcastic we thought that she actually cared about our dog.

      Maybe we will put up an update soon once Amber has to take her yearly vaccination.

      Thank you so much for your opinion on this!

  8. I visited Light of Life because it was an emergency and my usual vets were already closed. The vet (she didn't even introduced herself) was bossy, rude and unprofessional. I've never met a vet like her before. She was so sarcastic and had a huge attitude when she was talking to us. She seemed unsure about what she was saying as well. I regretted not reading your blog comments before bringing my pet there.

    1. Thank you for the comment, would you mind to share the full details of your experience?

  9. I totally agree with those who say that the vet and assistants at light of life has attitude problem. It's not even straight foward, it's rude and really inappropriate to talk to customers with such a blaming tone and make weird faces which are inappropriate and disrespectful to others you don't even know or close to. Their medicine is effective but they always give a too high dosage and they want to earn a lot of money. They will always find some reason for you to purchase medications for your dog and it costs a lot sometimes. They also like to hide the long term effects of the medications they are giving. I've been there for both of my dogs, now one died already. Their medications are really too strong and before giving medications they don't even bother to touch or really examine your dog. Please don't go there for those who are reading and please spread around too. Those who supports their clinic currently, it may not seem like a problem to you now but it may affect your dog's health in the future.

    1. I have to agree that she always give very strong dosage. Though recovery rate is fast but I am very skeptical about the long term effect for my dog too. I prefer slower and more holistic approach, if my dog's situation isn't an emergency that requires medication like steroid just for skin rashes. After reading this comment from another reader who also felt the same way, I think I am not going back anymore.